Church building project

Over the past 40 years our network of churches has grown to over 60 churches through out the country of Haiti.  New churches are formed through the outreach of the local Haitian church.  Several times a year a group from each  church will follow the teachings of Paul and go on “Missionary Journeys.”

On their journeys they will gain new converts. The mother church will then send out a pastor each Sunday to meet in a small brush arbor church as seen above.   These churches are constructed with sticks, a mortar, tarps  and some used tin.  Once the church out grows its build we will help in the construction of a new church building.

International Fellowship Haven requires that each church needs to fund the purchase of the property, pay for the block mortar and labor to build the church. 

Many of these church projects start out by each family member carrying stones to church each Sunday to build the foundation.

Once the four wall are put up our mission will furnish the church’s roof.  The roofs are constructed out of thin gauge box iron trusses and a sheet metal roof.  We work with a Haitian engineer to quote and purchase the material.  Work teams of 6 to 10 people travel to Haiti and assemble the roof of the church.  Working alongside 1 or 2 hired Haitian welders we can assemble a church in 4 days.

While the men are busy working on the church roof the women host several days of afternoon bible school for the local children. Not only does this bible school reach the kids of the community, but there are also always groves of men and women that sit in the distance listening to the bible story. Listening to the bible school from afar is a great non-confrontational way to reach the non-Christians of the community.