humanitarian relief

From time to time natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes strike Haitian disrupting the fragile balance between survival and starvation.  International Fellowship Haven uses its resources to meet the dire needs of the Haitian people in these times of great need.

In 2016 a hurricane Mathew struck southern Haiti.  Sustained wind of 150 mph and rainfall of more that 20 inches of rainfall in a 24 hour period.  Over 200,000 homes were destroyed.  But the real damage was the lively hood of the Haitian people was destroyed.  Approximately 350,000 animals and all the crops in the region were destroyed.

In the aftermath of the Hurricane the mission  purchased 50 nanny goat and 5 billy goats.  The nanny goats were distributed to the members of the church with the stipulation that their first nanny goat offspring needed to be given away to somebody in the community.  The billy goats were kept at the pastors house’s and the members would  take the nanny goats to the pastors house to be breed.  This assured that the members was taking care of their goat.